With the emergence of portable electronics and universal connectivity, AudioˇDontics was founded with the belief that the age of ubiquitous "wireless" computing has arrived. Since its inception, AudioˇDontics (formally ES Comms) has been researching and developing new innovative technologies that make the vision of wireless computing and communications a reality.
Audiodontics was founded with the belief that through the use of miniature electronics, a paradigm shift can occur which will allow novel electronic devices to be worn in the mouth. These devices can be developed to provide diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to vexing medical problems. Alternatively they can provide a means wireless voice communication and ubiquitous computing. Audiodontics envisions that through miniature electronic products, a new combination of the dental and medical fields will evolve which will result in new drug delivery methods and treatments for disorders as varied as hearing loss, speech pathology, and sleep apnea.
(1) A US Patent #8,376,967 will issue on February 19, 2013.

(2) We are developing a mouth-worn tooth microphone that can be used to record night-time breathing sounds. Coupling our hardware with speech recognition software, similar to the core speech recognition technology on your mobile phone, we can analyze breath sounds. This system is should be capable of monitoring oral appliances used in the treatment of sleep apnea. We are calling the product: Tooth Phone System for Sleep Apnea Monitoring.