Dr. Barry Mersky, D.D.S, CEO is the inventor of the Tooth Phone™ and the world's expert on dental bone conduction sound. After receiving his dental degree from Georgetown University in 1977, he began exploring the relationship between the teeth and the hearing organ, publishing papers and presenting talks on the subject. In the 1990's he began work on the Tooth Phone, leading to several U.S. and foreign patents. He founded Audiodontics during the 1990's as a means to commercialize the technology. The companies have received several government sponsored awards, including Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants. Dr. Mersky received his B.A. (Philosophy) from George Washington University in Washington D.C. and is a licensed dentist in Bethesda, MD.

Dr. Mersky can be reached at: barry@audiodontics.com
Dr. Jim Whitney has been associated with Audiodontics for over 15 years. He has worked with the Founder on military-funded projects to develop the Tooth Phone Hearing Aid and Tooth Microphone for use in military high noise environments and by Navy divers. Jim earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University (1995). He earned an E.E. degree at the University of Maryland, while simultaneously working in a research laboratory in the High-Energy Physics department. After graduation he worked on hearing instrumentation and signal processing algorithms at Gallaudet University and later the University of Maryland Hearing and Speech Sciences department. In addition to his role at Audiodontics, Jim is currently an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and owns Amalfi Acoustics, LLC. His recent research and scholastic activities include algorithm, instrumentation, and device R&D for various acoustics programs, the Federal Aviation Administration wake vortex program, and for Army, Navy, and DARPA research programs. Jim has 26 years of direct experience in theoretical and numerical computation for digital and statistical signal processing.

Dr. Whitney can be reached at: jim@audiodontics.com
(1) A US Patent #8,376,967 will issue on February 19, 2013.

(2) We are developing a mouth-worn tooth microphone that can be used to record night-time breathing sounds. Coupling our hardware with speech recognition software, similar to the core speech recognition technology on your mobile phone, we can analyze breath sounds. This system is should be capable of monitoring oral appliances used in the treatment of sleep apnea. We are calling the product: Tooth Phone System for Sleep Apnea Monitoring.