AudioˇDontics current objective is to produce the Tooth Phone - a wireless audio communications device that, through bone resonance, will allow humans to seamlessly communicate to anyone at anytime. Users will no longer have to wear uncomfortable speaker and microphone devices, nor will they have to worry about crowded or high noise environments. Instead, the Tooth Phone provides a completely transparent way of communicating, one that is free of head or ear-mounted systems, enabling natural universal connectivity.

Now that the initial version of the Tooth Phone is complete, the Company is establishing key customers, partnerships and strategic alliances with leading telecommunication technology companies. Watch for new announcements and the company's upcoming Tooth Phone product launch in the next few months.
Homeland Security Expo
On July 10, the Tooth Phone was discussed on CNN by Senator John Kerry (D-Mass) in a live feed from the Homeland Security Expo from Capitol Hill. Many participants of the Expo said the Tooth Phone represented a new approach to solving the problems of voice communication in high noise environments and under firefighter masks.