With the emergence of portable electronics and universal connectivity, AudioˇDontics was founded with the belief that the age of ubiquitous "wireless" computing has arrived. Since its inception, AudioˇDontics (formally ES Comms) has been researching and developing new innovative technologies that make the vision of wireless computing and communications a reality.
AudioDontics current mission is to create the world's first always-on, wireless, wearable communication device, the Tooth Phone, which allows humans to communicate without the use of traditional microphone or speaker technology. Using the Tooth Phone, sound is transferred both in and out of a human through bone resonance, allowing information to be received and sent anywhere, at anytime, in any environment, all without interfering with anyone else.

At AudioDontics we believe that pervasive or ubiquitous computing and voice communication cannot occur through the use of traditional microphone and speaker technology. The environment is too varied either because of noise, moisture or temperature for traditional technology to perform ubiquitously. Only by being comfortably and invisibly attached to the skull can a communication device function anywhere and anytime.
Homeland Security Expo
On July 10, the Tooth Phone was discussed on CNN by Senator John Kerry (D-Mass) in a live feed from the Homeland Security Expo from Capitol Hill. Many participants of the Expo said the Tooth Phone represented a new approach to solving the problems of voice communication in high noise environments and under firefighter masks.